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A Message from Rip Esselstyn (VIDEO):

EarthSave's MEALS FOR HEALTH Program

It is not enough to advise people to change their diets. It's not enough to simply suggest people eat more fruits and vegetables. Populations benefit most when they receive education, demonstration, guidance and personal/community support.

Meals For Health teaches a lifestyle and plant-strong diet proven to reverse serious diseases, get subjects off medication, and greatly improve the participants' quality of life. Until now, these programs have been available exclusively to wealthy individuals or employees of forward-thinking companies. We make them available at no cost to needy individuals and families.

Meals For Health operates under the guidance of our Medical Director, John McDougall, MD, our "good food" Ambassador, Rip Esselstyn, and our Nutritional Director Jeff Novick MS, RD, LD, LN.

Our program combats obesity, reverses many chronic diseases, strengthens families, builds self-esteem and provides hope.

Our supporters and volunteers make our work possible. Since 1988, EarthSave has shown a commitment to bettering the lives of those in communities across the U.S. Please join us in fulfilling our mission.