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Date: October 11th 2018

What is EarthSave all about?

EarthSave Louisville educates people about the extremely powerful and documented effects our food choices have on the environment, our health and life of Earth, and encourages a shift toward a healthy, plant based diet--all within a local context.

EarthSave Louisville is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation

October 13th Event

Potluck 6-7pm
Announcements and Speaker (7-8pm)
Othello (8-10pm)

October's TableTop Talk Topic:
Veg-Friendly Potluck in a Pocket Park, then:

"Commitment or Laissez Faire"?


Saturday, October 13th, 2018; 6 - 8 p.m. 
Monthly; New Location.
Location: Warwick Park in St Matthews, just off the freeway: Go west on Westport Rd from I-265 Watterson Freeway for just one block.  Then turn right onto Washburn Ave and go a lazy 5 blocks until you see the park sign at the Warwick Ave intersection.  Turn right and park in the lot and head to the pavillion.  There's water and facilities here, and lots of picnic benches for public use.


It's all about the food!!! EarthSave's monthly free potlucks purposefully encourage the preparing and sharing together of healthy plant-based food.  Potlucks are a chance to share food together and if you put dairy/egg in the dish, please tell someone so we can flag it; and, of course, no meat allowed.  

Following our thoughtfully prepared healthy and plant-based potluck (thank you everyone!), our activity this month will be to learn about the pros and cons of transitioning towards a plant-based diet using the dual technique of commitment and lassaiz faire approaches.  When to use one or the other or both when attempting to encourage and influence the planet to think about their food choices.  Interesting, indeed.   As usual we shall touch on Health, Planet, Ethics: This has everything to do with food choices, amen. Yup, worth a discussion.  This will be embraced from an EarthSave perspective, so get ready to be moved. Bring Kleenex. Let's learn and build a wall of passion and power for thoughtful actions towards cohabitants of our space/time/planet.  This presentation can change your life; that's its intention; come with an openness and experience non-judgemental conversation after the presentation. Lot's of why's and how's; be ready for a jolt.  It's not at all what you think.   Come with questions! Come with an openness to new ideas and a willingness to share your stories--you will be glad you did. We can learn from each other. Plantastic songs will set the mood.  Moderated and presented by Nate Pederson. Come with your favorite link to cool websites and media outlets to share along with your sage advice.

Do you like being around people who are on all cylinders? Then attend this event--You are going to want to hear this first hand. Bring a pen while the gettin' is good--or better yet, bring a video-recorder. Time for Q&A will be allotted. You will learn something if you attend--so come! Expect to get inspired and challenged. You might meet your destiny at this Earthsave event. Make plans to invite friends/relatives to our welcoming community of people with high plant-affinity.

Why do we care? Because when we learn something for the first time, initially things make no sense, then as we are informed and it sticks, we are receptive to where our efforts are needed most through education and grass-roots/direct-action power--and so it goes.

Announcements will be given (pertaining to healthy food and behavior change), music will be played (sometimes live) and stomachs will be happy. Why not come? Why not invite friends?

AGENDA for Saturday:
6:00 PM Free Plant-based/Vegan/Veggie Potluck :-) and announcements
7:00 PM --Presentation: Commitment or Lasseiz Faire
8:00 PM Frisbee and football in the park in the dark

Sponsored by EarthSave Louisville

Questions? Call 502.299.9520 -- If this is your first time, please call beforehand for a quick orientation and perfunctory invitation. Donations are gladly accepted and are tax-deductible since EarthSave Louisville is a 501c(3) organization.



Other upcoming EarthSave events this month are found here:


EarthSave Louisville is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation; louisville@earthsave.org

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